Who we are

Our Mission

Delphinidae Foundation is committed to zeedolfijnen and wants to make a difference to the daily lives and long-term future of thousands of dolphins, because cruelty is unacceptable and extinction is forever! We fight for a healthy environment without threats to these amazing creatures. We do this by gathering as much knowledge we zeedolfijnen and the environment (science and ICT support), youth and adults aware of a balanced environment (education). Stichting Delphinidae hand in hand with citizens to politics in the right direction and wrong decisions to denounce. Stichting Delphinidae dares to be critical of themselves and others and challenge others also to be.

Our goals


Local and international campaigns to different ones threats in the world to stop. Sufficient commitment and pressure, in cooperation with several foundations, will effect change.


Projects that require urgent funding to continue their work supporting the world.


Several parties and policymakers, which dolphins and their habitats to protect, help by providing good advice, expert advice, together with a strong legal, scientific and ethical arguments.


Abuse of the rules of parties and companies, which no interest in the protection of dolphins and their promises not fulfill, disclose and publish.


Highlighting key issues and threats to international treaties, national government, local communities and other conservation organizations.


With various parties and institutions engage in cooperation to computer technology, modern communication and science available to order in this way the study of Delphinidae to promote and support. These data / results worldwide research will be made available.


Inform people, awareness and opportunities for a green and sustainable environment through the media, Events, schools initiatives, websites and more.

Why we do it? Cruelty is unacceptable and extinction is forever!