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Zwaar toegetakelde orka drijft SeaWorld in het nauw

Een orka die met een grote gapende wonde een show verzorgde in SeaWorld, heeft kwaad bloed gezet bij dierenrechtenorganisaties. Een anonieme klokkenluider plaatste foto’s van het zwaar toegetakelde dier op het internet. Het kaakbeen van de 11 jaar oude Nakai is op de beelden duidelijk zichtbaar.

In een verklaring liet het populaire dierenpark in San Diego weten dat de orka de blessure had opgelopen door tegen het bassin te botsen. Insiders claimen op hun beurt dat Nakai de vreselijke verwonding op 20 september opliep toen hij slaags geraakte met twee andere orka’s die in SeaWorld verblijven, Ike en Keet.

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Latest Worrying News On Morgan The Orca

Morgan’s sad story continues as Loro Parque (the captive facility where she is held) claims the young female orca is deaf and can therefore not be released back into the wild.Morgan

Morgan was taken from Dutch waters by Dolphinarium Harderwijk on 23rd June 2010, when she was found underweight and in poor health. The Dutch dolphinarium nursed her back to health, but refused to release her back into the wild. Animal welfare groups, including WDCS and newly formed Orca Coalition called for Morgan to be rehabilitated and released, but after a court case, Morgan was sent to Loro Parque, Spain, where she has now become part of the daily orca shows performing tricks for tourists.

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White Orca on the loose in Russia

It appears Captain Ahab can finally rest easy. Scientists in Russia, possibly after reading Melville’s classic, have taken up the mantle of searching for an all-white adult killer whale named Iceberg.

white-orcaThe animal was initially spotted by researchers in 2010 when they saw the orca’s six foot tall dorsal fin break the surface of the water of the North Pacific.

“This is the first time we have ever seen an all-white, mature male orca,” said Erich Hoyt, co-director of the Far East Russia Orca Project (FEROP). “It is a breathtakingly beautiful animal.”

As orcas can travel thousands of miles, the search for Iceberg has been long and arduous. Scientists are trying to establish whether Iceberg is an albino, a genetic condition that blocks the production of pigment in the body and severely damages vision. These traits make it nearly impossible for albino animals to survive in the wild, let alone mature into adulthood.

“We want to find out more about Iceberg,” said Hoyt. “We would like to find out how he is able to survive as a white whale.”

Written by Irish Emigrant

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Judge dismisses suit to free orca from captivity

A federal judge in Seattle has dismissed a lawsuit aimed at freeing the killer whale Lolita from captivity at Miami Seaquarium.msq1-lolita-gate11

Judge Benjamin H. Settle last week ruled that orca activists who sued the federal government didn’t give proper notice and failed to state a valid claim. He granted motions by the government and Seaquarium to dismiss the case.

Lolita has been performing at Seaquarium since she was captured from Puget Sound waters in 1970.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and three individuals sued the National Marine Fisheries Service in November, saying it should have protected Lolita when it listed other Puget Sound orcas as endangered in 2005.

The groups say they’ll continue to fight for Lolita’s release. Seaquarium has said Lolita is healthy and well-cared for.

Written by The Seattle Times

Speak Out for Better Protections for Captive Orcas!

Lolita is a solitary orca who has been confined to a tiny concrete tank at the Miami Seaquarium for more than 40 years. The Endangered Species Act (ESA) provides members of the wild Southern Resident orca population and other endangered animals with a host of protections, including protection against being harmed or harassed. Yet, despite being a member of the Southern Residents, Lolita has been denied all of these protections without any explanation by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS).

The government’s failure to provide Lolita with the protections enjoyed by the wild members of her pod has enabled the Miami Seaquarium to keep her in conditions that violate the Endangered Species Act. Lolita must be granted the protections under federal law which she is rightfully due and which best ensure her survival and well-being, which—depending on her condition—could include transferring her to a sea pen in her home waters and releasing her back to her family pod.

In the wild, orcas live in tight family units with bonds that may last a lifetime. At Seaquarium, Lolita swims endless circles in a small, barren tank that does not comply with USDA regulations. This highly intelligent and social animal has been without an orca companion since 1980.

Sign ALDF’s petition to the National Marine Fisheries Service, urging them to include captive members of Lolita’s Southern Resident pod in ESA protections.

Written by Animal Legal Defense Fund

Major concerns about orca Morgan’s health

The Orca Coalition is very shocked by the photos of orca Morgan that were recently published. On the photos you can see deep flesh wounds on her head, the result of an attack by one of the other orcas in the park on Tenerife where she was transported to in croblesDecember. The photos that were recently published by the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) are in stark contrast with the recent positive reports in the media about Morgan.

“The photographs remind us of the very scared Tekoa, one of the other orcas in the park, from which we showed photos in court.” Said Barbara van Genne, marine biologist and spokesperson for the Orca Coalition. “The safety of Morgan already caused us great concerns before the move. Our fear became reality. This photograph confirms that Morgan cannot be protected against the attacks of the aggressive orcas in the Spanish park. The only solution is to keep her and Adan, the other young orca who is also regularly attacked, separated. This is definitely not a healthy situation for a wild orca who is accustomed to living in large family groups. “

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