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Latest Worrying News On Morgan The Orca

Morgan’s sad story continues as Loro Parque (the captive facility where she is held) claims the young female orca is deaf and can therefore not be released back into the wild.Morgan

Morgan was taken from Dutch waters by Dolphinarium Harderwijk on 23rd June 2010, when she was found underweight and in poor health. The Dutch dolphinarium nursed her back to health, but refused to release her back into the wild. Animal welfare groups, including WDCS and newly formed Orca Coalition called for Morgan to be rehabilitated and released, but after a court case, Morgan was sent to Loro Parque, Spain, where she has now become part of the daily orca shows performing tricks for tourists.

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Major concerns about orca Morgan’s health

The Orca Coalition is very shocked by the photos of orca Morgan that were recently published. On the photos you can see deep flesh wounds on her head, the result of an attack by one of the other orcas in the park on Tenerife where she was transported to in croblesDecember. The photos that were recently published by the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) are in stark contrast with the recent positive reports in the media about Morgan.

“The photographs remind us of the very scared Tekoa, one of the other orcas in the park, from which we showed photos in court.” Said Barbara van Genne, marine biologist and spokesperson for the Orca Coalition. “The safety of Morgan already caused us great concerns before the move. Our fear became reality. This photograph confirms that Morgan cannot be protected against the attacks of the aggressive orcas in the Spanish park. The only solution is to keep her and Adan, the other young orca who is also regularly attacked, separated. This is definitely not a healthy situation for a wild orca who is accustomed to living in large family groups. “

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Orka Morgan voorlopig niet naar Spanje

HARDERWIJK/AMSTERDAM – Orka Morgan gaat voorlopig niet naar een dierenpark in Spanje. Het zeezoogdier moet voorlopig in het Dolfinarium in Harderwijk blijven. Dat heeft de rechtbank in Amsterdam woensdag bepaald.

Het ministerie van Economische Zaken, Landbouw en Innovatie had eind juli een vergunning afgegeven voor de verhuizing naar Spanje. Dierenactivisten, verenigd in de Orka Coalitie, hadden daar bezwaar tegen gemaakt.orka

De rechter bepaalde verder dat het ministerie opnieuw moet bekijken wat er met Morgan moet gebeuren. In de tussentijd moet de jonge orka zo snel mogelijk naar een groter bassin worden verplaatst, zo oordeelde de rechter. Morgan wordt daarom binnen enkele dagen overgebracht naar de OdieZee, een groot bassin in het Dolfinarium waar ook dolfijnen rondzwemmen.

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