Together we are their voice! Make yourself heard, help and is now donator!

We want to make a difference to the daily lives and long-term future of thousands of dolphins. We help to ensure that these amazing creatures are there for future generations dolphins and that is why your support is important! How you can help? Take a look at the various options:

And, I am a supporter of Foundation Delphinidae!

With your monthly support we can help global and structural dolphins! Example, we may help to prevent the annual slaughter in Taiji. Click now to become a donor.


You can support us by now to pick up the phone and calling 0900 – HELPONS (0900-4357667). Button after the beep code 4595 in (This is the code for Foundation Delphinidae) and finish by pressing #. After that the link is automatically disconnected. We received this same confirmation. The costs are € 1,30 per call and come fully benefit Foundation Delphinidae. If you call with a mobile phone funds are charged fees.