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Countdown to extinction continues for world’s rarest dolphin

Just 100 Maui’s dolphins left alive
January 2012. Another one of the world’s last 100 Maui’s dolphins died in fishing net in New Zealand. Its death is a another stark reminder that measures to protect the world’s dead_mauis_nabumost endangered marine dolphin against fisheries bycatch are inadequate to prevent their extinction.

Gill nets
Like their closely related cousins, the Hector’s dolphins, Maui’s dolphins are only found in New Zealand. Since nylon fishing nets came into use in the 1970s, entanglements in gill and trawl nets have decimated Maui’s dolphins by more than 90 Percent. The animals are now down to just 100 individuals.

Just 25 females left
With no more than 25 adult females left, Maui’s dolphins are perilously close to extinction. If mortality exceeds one individual in 5 to 7 años, the species will continue to slide towards extinction, just as it has done for more than three decades”, warns Dr Barbara Maas, Head of Endangered Species Conservation with NABU InternationalFoundation for Nature, Asociaciones ecologistas más grandes y antiguas de Alemania.

“La protección absoluta contra la comercial y deportiva la red de enmalle y de arrastre es la única forma de evitar su desaparición,” dijo.

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