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Orka’s in Noordzee gespot

Orka-gespot-in-noordzeeIn de Noordzee zijn dit weekend vier orka’s gespot. De dieren worden maar zelden waargenomen in de Noordzee. De orka’s zijn gezien door leden van Stichting Rugvin, die ze zagen zwemmen tussen Hoek van Holland en Harwich in Groot-Brittannië. Vermoedelijk zijn de dolfijnachtigen alle vier vrouwtjes. Stichting Rugvin zegt dat de orka’s heel rustig bij elkaar in noordelijke richting zwommen. De stichting vaart sinds 2005 elke maand mee op een veerboot tussen Hoek van Holland en Harwich om dolfijnen en bruinvissen te tellen.

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EU Parliament On Iceland’s Whaling: Serious Differences Of Opinion

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament issued a report yesterday on the current negotiations with Iceland over its possible accession to the European Union. Although the report cited progress in the talks overall, the Committee stated that among the issues yet to be agreed, whaling is high on the agenda. Continue reading ‘EU Parliament On Iceland’s Whaling: Serious Differences Of Opinion’ »

Radioactive Iodine Found In Some Japanese Fish reports that radioactive iodine has been found in some Japanese fish.

The report goes onto sayHarmful levels of radioactive iodine have been detected in a batch of small fish caught off the coast of Japan’s Ibaraki Prefecture, adjacent to Fukushima Prefecture. The fish were sand lance landed in Kitaibaraki City on Tuesday.

Continue reading ‘Radioactive Iodine Found In Some Japanese Fish’ »

Ballenas y Delfines Death Toll Durante aguas profundas Desastres puede haber sido subestimado

Los números reales de ballenas y delfines murieron tras el desastre de Deepwater Horizon el año pasado y podría ser de hasta 50 veces mayor que el primer pensamiento de acuerdo con un equipo de investigadores canadienses y estadounidenses.

In a paper published this week, the team suggests that 100 dead dolphin washed up on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico represent a small fraction of fatalities. Continue reading ‘Whale And Dolphin Death Toll During Deepwater Disaster May Have Been Greatly Underestimated’ »